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7067Variety is the spice of life for Barrowman

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  • pfyre
    Jun 2, 2010
      Variety is the spice of life for Barrowman


      * John Barrowman will be hosting another season
      of Tonight's The Night in Glasgow, as well as
      being the star in panto Aladdin, which he launched recently

      Sarah Swain
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      21 May 2010

      John Barrowman is stroking my leg.

      But that is nothing, I mean, he has already shown
      me his pants (white boxers from US store Banana
      Republic) even though we met only 10 minutes ago.

      It is fair to say the Glasgow-born singer, actor
      and presenter is living up to his cheeky reputation.

      The examination of my shins came when I asked him
      what it was like playing a woman in his last
      theatre role, camp musical La Cage Aux Folles in London last year.

      "It was liberating. But I hated shaving my legs," he confessed.

      "Do you shave your legs? Let me feel!" he says, rolling up my leggings.

      Fun-loving Barrowman was born in Mount Vernon,
      but moved with his family to America when he was nine.

      Now 43, he has forged a career that started on
      the stages of London and Broadway and later took
      him to the Dr Who Tardis as the doctor's pal
      Captain Jack, who became so popular he got his own spin-off show, Torchwood.

      He has also just filmed a guest spot as murderer
      Patrick Logan in American TV network show
      Desperate Housewives, which will soon be shown on Channel 4.

      But now he is ready to spend much of the rest of this year back in Glasgow.

      In the summer he will film a second series of his
      Saturday night hit show, Tonight's The Night, at
      the BBC studios at Pacific Quay.

      And then there's panto …

      He is lined up for the starring role in what is
      claimed to be the UK's biggest festive pantomime,
      Aladdin, at the Clyde Auditorium this Christmas.

      It will offer a special twist on the usual "It's
      behind you" gags of panto with 3D sections.
      Producers also promise Barrowman will fly without wires.

      He might have built a career out of being rather
      loud and brash, but Barrowman also has a caring side.

      When he was a child at Mount Vernon Primary he
      used to organise Opportunity Knocks contests in
      the playground. When he returned there for a
      visit recently he took the time to track down a
      pupil he had teased on an earlier trip to make sure the child was not offended.

      He also asked the teacher to send him a list of
      all the children's names so could send them all a
      signed picture (whether they want one or not, it seems).

      John's already had talks about a part in
      all-singing, all-dancing smash hit TV show Glee.
      He is also reported to be working on a show with
      his parents. They have been married 56 years and
      Barrowman says they are the people he most looks up to in his life.

      But what about Doctor Who?

      Will Captain Jack meet the new Doctor, Matt Smith?

      "Haven't been asked," he says, "but if I am I'll go at the drop of a hat."

      But it really does not matter to him what he does
      – just as long as he is in it.

      "People say, 'Do you watch yourself on
      television?' Yes. I love it because it is
      something I have dreamed of doing from when I was a little boy.

      "Scott (Gill, his partner) says, 'What are we
      watching? and I reply: 'We're watching Desperate
      Housewives because I'm on it'. He says, 'Do we have to?'"

      One show Barrowman did not do this year was
      Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest talent search Over
      The Rainbow … because the BBC asked him "too late".

      But would he have auditioned as a kid? He shrieks
      excitedly: "Who wouldn't want to be Dorothy! I
      could have been Nancy! As long as eeeeeeee
      neeeeeds meeeeee!" he warbles, before crashing back on the sofa in hysterics.

      "No. I would have put myself up for those roles.
      The boys' roles …" he says breaking into a wicked giggle.

      Of course John. And with his manager hovering it is time to finish our chat.

      Now, in case you have not guessed I am a bit of a
      fan – a 'Johnette' as we're known.

      And I have one question on my list I have not
      asked. But he has grabbed my crumpled piece of
      paper. He reads: "What is it like being chased by
      women when we sadly have no chance?"

      He squeals. Wrestles me on to the sofa. And makes
      kissing noises from behind a cushion.

      One thing is for sure, with Barrowman back in the
      city, Glasgow is in for a treat.

      * Aladdin is on at the Clyde Auditorium from
      December 11. For tickets call 0844 395 4000 or
      see the website: www.ticketsoup.com
      * Video is at www.eveningtimes.co.uk click on video and audio.


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