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6866RE: [torchwood] Re: Seasons greetings

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  • flashn9wdq@charter.net
    Jan 2, 2010
      It had to be season 1 as no US network picked up either season 2 or 3.

      ---- sem <catz@...> wrote:
      > SyFy had an SJA marathon the other day, most of which I missed. Grrr. Not
      > sure what seasons, tho.
      > catzy
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      > >Seasons greetings also... I'm a newbie to the group; I discovered
      > >Torchwood just a few months ago. I've seen all the episodes now except
      > >for the last ones: Children of Earth. I keep hoping BBC America will
      > >repeat them on air. Has anyone heard of any news that they'll be doing
      > >that?
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