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6199Re: [torchwood] When You Do See "Planet of the Dead" SPOILER ALERT!

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  • pfyre
    Apr 19, 2009
      At 04:47 PM 4/19/2009, kerry hewitt, annotated:
      >Ooh the pain - all the worries about the whys and what ifs - io just
      >sat back and watched and let it be

      ITA - although the new Doctor Who series episodes have been for the
      most part much more plausible - they have never truly been properly
      scientific and there are frequently plot holes large enough to fly
      the Sontaran or even Dalek fleet through

      frankly I enjoyed the episode (watched if via torrent) - I kinda
      enjoy the "companion of the special" thing they have going - and
      frankly they rarely give much back story for the characters or
      temporary companions - just a tidbit here or there


      I for one enjoyed it - I didn't try to analyze it though

      the same can be said of the storylines in Torchwood as well - there
      are implausibilities, contradictions and impossibilities as well as
      plot holes by the dozens that would let the weevils stroll through en
      mass - for instance I completely and thoroughly love 112 Captain
      Jack Harkness but it's hardly perfect in regards to total
      plausibility and sound plot


      Precious and rare all Love is, gender matters not.

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