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6134Re: [torchwood] Questions To Be Asked

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  • Lynn
    Feb 2, 2009
      Dean, your questions are interesting, but I think a number of them seem to assume facts that haven't quite been established.

      Just to address a few....

      >Torchwood was supposed to premiere in Spring of this year. What
      > caused the broadcast delay?

      Why assume there's any cause other than choice? "Spring" was given as an estimate, not a guarantee, and there was never any actual published date.

      >BBC One is airing "Children of Earth" followed almost instantaneously
      > by BBC America with commercial showings and cuts for time, language,
      > violence, gore (not Al), nudity, sexual situations and political
      > incorrectness.

      I hope you mean this as a joke, but if not -- huh? What little BBCA has actually cut for content in the past (as opposed to time) is limited to language and extended sexual situations (e.g., 1x2 and 1x10), which were mildly trimmed. Unless you can point to me where they made cuts for "gore, violence" or "sexual situations and political incorrectness" (double huh? what "political incorrectness" has been on Torchwood?) I think you're making too much of this. The cuts in the past for content have been quite minor.

      Given the nature of this abbreviated season, it seems unlikely that there will be much chance for anything other than a concentrated action-adventure plot. I doubt there will be reason to do much trimming for content.

      >Each episode of the five part serial are supposed to
      > be one hour each in length.

      Do we know that for a fact from a BBC source who's actually said the episodes will be 55-60 minutes, as opposed to 45 minutes?

      > That means without substantial cuts, BBC
      > America airing it in an hour time slot means large chunks of each
      > episode will end up on the editing room floor.

      If the episodes are 60 minutes -- then well, yes, sure. Given BBCA's past history with shows that are a full hour on BBC (Spooks comes to mind), that's precisely what's likely to happen, unless they choose to put Torchwood in a longer time slot.

      > If there is a larger
      > time slot on BBC America, there will be less to cut?

      Well, again, yes. Given their past history, there isn't much reason to believe this is what BBCA will do, however. It would be nice if they made an exception.

      > Do you much rather see the uncut versions of the episodes and serial
      > or the cut-to-pieces versions BBC America will air?

      Pretty obvious answer, but does it really matter what we want? BBCA doesn't seem to care, assuming most audience members won't know any better. It's a real shame that HDNet is no longer showing Torchwood.

      > If Torchwood is truly a big hit on BBC One, a ten episode season will
      > be commissioned. When might Season 4 air and how soon after the
      > serial ends will that decision be reached?

      I would say "might" and we'll know when we always know -- probably when a tabloid leaks it, followed by when BBC announces it. And safe to say it will be at least a year, probably more, before we see anything of season 4, if it happens.

      > If Martha Jones was to be a big part of this saga, will the new
      > version of the tale be hurt by her absence?

      Unlikely, IMO. This is likely to be a plot-driven roller coaster ride. Whatever Martha was to do can therefore be given to another character, and I'm sure rewrites were made appropriately.

      >NBC's publicity machine has this e-newsletter called Season Pass.
      >There is no mention of "Law and Order" and it is not mentioned as part
      >of their programs as if it were just having its episodes dumped on the
      > airwaves. Most of the time, if you look in a TV Guide, there is no
      >description of the episode on that Wednesday. If NBC is really
      >cooling on that show, is Agyeman's new Law and Order show going to be
      >likewise ignored by NBC given her popularity in the States?

      Freema Agyeman is popular in the United States? I don't really think you can make that argument. She is known (by face if not by name) among the relatively small group of Doctor Who fans in the US. If you walked down the street in any major city and asked 1000 people, maybe you'd find 5 who recognized her name. I really wouldn't call her 'popular.' Anyway, according to the information that has actually been around, she's the equivalent of one of the assistant DA's on the US version. She's not the lead.

      I don't think NBC's opinion of the original L&O, whatever it is, will have anything to do with the new UK show. If they decide to air it, it's likely to either be in the summer, or perhaps on one of their cable channels (Bravo is probably the obvious pick; maybe USA). A British show featuring an all British cast essentially unknown to US audiences is not going to get a regular season prime time slot. For one thing, it's only 13 episodes, and for another, next fall, NBC is going to lose 5 hours a week of prime time tv due to their decision to put Jay Leno on at 10 pm EST every night.

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