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6047Re: [torchwood] Re: BBC sorry after John Barrowman exposed himself

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  • Rebecca jo
    Dec 3, 2008
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      I AM APPALLED AND OFFENDED!!!....that this didn't happen on TV so I could
      Damn it Barrowman...

      ROTFLMAO!!! Me too!!!!

      On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 11:04 AM, Orchid <ironorchid@...> wrote:

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      > Subject: [torchwood] Re: BBC sorry after John Barrowman exposed himself
      > > How ridiculous. I think this shows the sad state of affairs we'll now
      > > have to cope with from the BBC in the wake of the Brand/Ross/Sachs
      > > rubbish.
      > Yes... We are heading for bland sanitised tv and radio, where actors,
      > presenters and production staff alike are all scared to push any boundaries
      > for fear of offending some numpty that lives to complain and can't or won't
      > use their off switch. Not that I condone Ross/Brand's behaviour it was
      > juvenile, sad and not at all funny but the majority of people who
      > complained
      > never even heard the broadcast and just decided to jump on the Daily Mail's
      > bandwagon,more concerned about the amount of money Ross is paid than the
      > offending of an old man and it worries me that these people now seem to be
      > able to influence what I get to watch on tv.
      > Orchid

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