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47About the Doctor Who Premiere on Sci Fi Channel

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  • Patrick Power
    Mar 10, 2006
      As everyone knows, or should know, the new Doctor Who series is FINALLY premiering in the United States on Sci Fi Channel at 9 PM EST on Friday march 17. I implore you to watch. It took a year for SFC to pick up the series after it was already in nearly every other TV market in the world. Even if you have already seen the series through other means, PLEASE watch and email SFC to let them know you are watching. Spread the word to all your friends to watch as well and tell them to email SFC. Their email address is feedback@... The whole purpose of this is to make sure that we hopefully won't have to wait another year to see the second season which premieres on BBC next month. You won't regret watching this brilliant series even if you are not a fan of the old series. Thanks everyone!

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