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4600HDNet USA - Series 1 Repeats start May 12

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    May 1, 2008
      In the newbie thread yesterday various methods of seeing Torchwood were discussed. I mentioned HD Net (USA version) and that it was not clear yet what episodes HD Net would air after Series 2 finished on May 5. Now we know - back to the beginning.

      Series 1, Episode 1 "Everything Changes" will air on May 12 at 7PM, 10PM, and 1AM Eastern (4PM, 7PM, and 10PM Pacific).

      Since they were half-way through repeating Series 1 when Series 2 started, I hoped they would resume at the same point (They Keep Killing Suzie would have been next). On the other hand, more people are getting HD Cable and Satellite service all the time. HDNet might assume that they can get a new audience by starting Torchwood from the beginning again. About the only thing we know for certain about Series 3 of Torchwood is that we cannot expect it before 2009, so HDNet will have plenty of time to air all 26 episodes in a row if they choose.

      Best hope for rewatching Series 2 on US TV in the near future - either BBC America or HD Net doing a marathon. Both channels are likely to do marathons on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July - no way to guess if either will air Torchwood in them.

      Benjamin Elliott