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417Re: [torchwood] Torchwood in America?

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  • Elizabeth Holden
    Jan 3, 2007
      --- Mustafa Hirji <mustafa.hirji@...> wrote:

      > I'm pretty sure that the CBC as a co-producer of
      > Torchwood has the rights the first North
      > American airing of Torchwood. That might be
      > part of the delay here: Until the CBC decides when
      > they'll show it, U.S. stations might be hesitant
      > to buy the show because they won't
      > know when they'll be able to air it.

      I wrote to the CBC and they replied that Torchwood
      would be scheduled after the end of second season
      "Doctor Who", which is still airing here, a few weeks
      behind the U.S. networks.

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