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3998RE: [torchwood] 2x13 "Exit Wounds" spoilers

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  • Anna Hayward
    Apr 1, 2008
      Hi Brian,

      You said:

      >Sorry to say but those of us outside the UK cannot access these pictures.
      >That website is restricted to UK use only.

      OK Brian,

      I will describe the pictures for those of you outside Blighty:

      > http://www.bbc
      > Bit of spoiler space here.
      Picture 1: Shows Captain John (left) digging a square hole about 3'x3'. or
      is that a grave in the making? They are in a clear, lawned area, with a wood
      in the background. (right) is a tall, dark, curly-haired man wearing a dirty
      grey padded suit (a bit like tank lagging), with belts in funny places
      (three just below the waist and two each on each leg). The man is watching
      John with his arms hanging relaxed by his side, like he's not particularly
      worried but not inclined to join in. Waiting for John to finish, perhaps?

      Picture 2: Shows Jack (left) with his hands in hand-cuffs, apparently being
      confronted with Tank-Lagging Man, who is standing almost toe-to-toe with
      him, leaning towards him and raising his, palms up, towards Jack's chest in
      a pleading or challenging way. Jack's expression is concerned, defensive
      maybe, as if he is being told something unpleasant that he doesn't really
      want to hear. (right) Capt. John is standing, albeit rather
      hunch-shouldered, as if defeated in some way. His expression is rather
      distracted, not looking directly at John and Tank-Lagging Man, but
      definitely looking unhappy about what's happening. All three men are
      standing in front of the pile of earth from the digging, but the hole is not
      visible from this angle.

      Picture 3: Shows the same scene as Picture 3, but now the men's arms are
      down and they're looking directly at each other. Their faces are inches
      apart - looks like Tank-lagging man is literally getting in Jack's face.
      Tank-Lagging Man is almost smiling, but not in a pleasant way. Jack's
      expression is of a man who is pretty devastated, or maybe bitter. It's hard
      to tell, but he definitely isn't a happy bunny and it's something
      Tank-Lagging man is saying to him. Capt. John is looking on, still not
      standing up straight, but now making direct eye-contact with the other two
      men and frowning, as if he doesn't approve of something maybe?

      Picture 4: Shows Jack and John in close-up. The are standing almost touching
      and Jack has no cuffs on. Jack is holding up John's wrist with his left
      hand. John's wristband had two red lights lit up on it. The situation
      appears cooperative. Jack's right hand is flat against his chest with the
      two middle-fingers bent towards himself, as if gesturing "Me?" There is
      blood on the neck and chest of his shirt and his eyes are directly looking
      at John's with a quizzical look. There's no animosity in his expression.
      John looks as if he's avoiding eye-contact but his body language is relaxed
      and he does not appear to be resisting Jack holding his wrist.

      Picture 5: Is a portrait of Capt. Jack looking cocky in his 18th C soldiers
      uniform. There is what looks like a bullet hole on his right hand side of
      his dirty yellow vest.

      Here are my comments on these photos again:

      > Are we assuming the guy in the padded outfit is Gray? And if so, why is
      > Captain John apparently digging a grave (or maybe a trench)? Has he dug up
      > Gray, or is he about to bury someone? Jack doesn't seem too miffed at
      > Capt.
      > John in one scene - they appear to be having a conversation about his
      > wrist
      > device. Is that Jack's wrist device, or John's? I am assuming, from the
      > blurb about the episode on the website, that John has been able to
      > transport
      > Jack back in time, for a "long awaited reunion". Presumably that's with
      > Gray? But Gray (if that is him) looks distinctly confrontational. Arrgh,
      > the
      > guessing's doing my head in!

      "A life lived in fear is a life half lived" - from Strictly Ballroom

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