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38New Doctor Who & Bug-Eyed Monster Websites

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  • Patrick Power
    Jan 2, 2006
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      I got to thinking that I had not found a website that was specifically aimed at fans of Doctor Who in the Unieted States. So I created one! While it is aimed at American fans, any DW fans anywhere are welcome. Now it is brand new today and still under major construction but you can check it out at:
      As some of you are aware, I have had my Bug-Eyed Monster Society Yahoo Groups for several months now, but I wanted to go with something a little more upgraded, so I did that today too.
      I also want to invite anyone who has their own website or Yahoo or MSN Groups to feel free to post links to your own sites. Hope you enjoy!

      Patrick Power
      Proud Founder of The Bug-Eyed Monster Society!!!

      The B.E.M. Society Yahoo Group Main Page:

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