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1694Re: [torchwood] Does anybody here know what netiquette is?

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  • Lynn
    May 3, 2007
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      From: Jackie Moleski <moleskij@...>

      >However, I've noticed when trying to reply to posts from Yahoo, that I
      >can insert a comment once in the message, but if I try to then delete
      >the non-relevant stuff, and THEN continue quoting and post again under
      >the quote, I simplly can't. It's like I can't insert where the text is
      >(almost like it's an image, but it's not, it's text). I also sometimes
      >end-up with my e-mail in columns for no reason.
      >What's up?

      It's the web formatting. You can set your Yahoo groups to come through in the older style, I think, which has less HTML -- check your settings for the group. Depending on your email client, you may be able to force mail to come through in plain text that way, too. I don't use the Thunderbird mail client, so I'm not sure about yours.

      >I'm also used-to the "older" list-serv generated lists, which put in the
      >little arrows for quoted dialogue, where you could comment wherever you
      >wanted to.

      That's not the list itself, it's just the client you're using to read/reply. It's unfortunate that Yahoo and Gmail don't offer options as to how you want to reply -- both seem to default to putting the entire new message below.

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