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1689Re: [torchwood] Who is Saxon? Spoilers

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  • Patrick Power
    May 2, 2007
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      There were also Vote Saxon posters in at least the last episode of Torchwood.

      David King <learn@...> wrote:

      There have been references to Mr Saxon, and he appears towards the end
      of series 3, and may well be the Master.

      I just watched again "The Runaway Bride", and in that there is a
      reference to Mr Saxon, even before he was mentioned in episode 1 of
      series 3.

      Specifically, the army tank at the end, when it fired, the man in the
      tank said that they were ordered by Mr Saxon to destroy the alien ship.

      David K

      Jackie Moleski wrote:
      > Louis Sather wrote:
      >> << The "Face" may tell the Doctor that there is
      >> another time lord.. his brother, and that brother will
      >> come to be the mysterious Mister Saxon. >>
      >> Given the 'history' of the Doctor and the Master I
      >> couldn't buy that if it were the direction they chose
      >> to go. The First Doctor doesn't recognise the Master
      >> in 'The Five Doctors', to which the Master's reply is,
      >> "believe it or not we were at the Academy
      >> together"...and not, "believe it or not I'm your
      >> brother - regenerated". That would be like claiming
      >> Holmes and Moriarty were actually brothers.
      > That's ironic, really-- because I could have sworn I'd seen the theory
      > that Holmes and Moriarty were brothers (well, half-brothers) in PRINT
      > somewhere. (in a fan source or source *about* fan sources such as Baker
      > Street Irregulars)
      > As to the Master-- I'd always figured that the Master and the Doctor
      > were friends at school and became enemies later. Both of them rebeled
      > against Time Lord society after all. As to the first Dr not recognising
      > the Master in *5 Drs*, I always put that down to the Master actually
      > taking Tremas's body rather than regenerating in the traditional sense.
      > Call it a fannish justification or assumption or what ever, but...
      > that's what I figured.
      > --Jackie M

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