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  • I am going to be auctioning off a Tomy Tutor System in the near future. It will include a Tomy Pyuuta cartridge.. Perhaps Tron.. And a couple of other carts as well... Since it will include 1 Pyuuta cartridge, It will probably have a reserve of at least $100.00 The Swap.
    swap_and_shop Feb 20, 2002
  • Hello Jim.. I have never seen a Grandstand Tutor.. Not even in an online museum. Nor have I ever seen one on any auction site... Nor have I ever come across anybody who claimed to own one... A Holy Grail? Perhaps... Jim could you please email me at swap_and_shop@^$1 I would love to hear the details of your Pyuuta system.... Thanks The Swap
    swap_and_shop Feb 7, 2002
  • We had an outage twice over the weekend. I can't wait till we make the big move over to Yahoo Groups... :)
    swap_and_shop Jan 27, 2002
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  • Yeah he is honest.. I did a deal with him outside of Ebay on my second Tomy Tutor with Tape drive.. He ships very promptly... And is totally legit... I think he is asking way to much on the joystick.. $49.99??? I paid $8 bucks for mine with box...(not new) My thought is that a new Tomy Tutor Joystick is worth $20-$25 $30.00 on a really good day. As far as the Tutor, Tomy Tutor...
    swap_and_shop Jan 14, 2002
  • Yeah I talked to the guy.. His name is Brian I think.. he wants $300.00 on ebay for the Computer .. Or He'll take $280.00 for the computer only right now. He wants $50.00 for each cartridge.. If he did not respond, make sure you remove the spam control on his address.
    swap_and_shop Jan 12, 2002
  • I found this message on Google Groups.. www.google.com Then goto groups, type in Tomy Tutor, and select date to get the most recent date, you will find the original message there. Please read the entire message, and note his email address is at the bottom, he has spam protection on, so read the whole message.... Search Result 2 From: Roagie (roagie@ho_m_e.com) Subject: FS/T: Mint...
    swap_and_shop Jan 11, 2002
  • I am not sure how long the photo gallery has been down? Does anyone know? This is the second time this has happened. Hopefully when Yahoo combines Yahoo Groups with Yahoo Clubs, everything will be more stable.... I hope! Mike
    swap_and_shop Jan 3, 2002
  • I have a Cave Crawler Cartridge that will not work. I have tested it on three different machines, and it will not work.. I do not have the time to attempt to fix.. So I am auctioning it off. Starts at $2.60 You can buy it now for $5.00 My loss is your gain... http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1305508508
    swap_and_shop Dec 2, 2001
  • Send me an email swap_and_shop@^$1 I need to talk to you... Founder
    swap_and_shop Nov 15, 2001
  • I am currently auctioning off a Tomy Tutor Computer System with a Joystick and two games. The games are Scramble and Traffic Jam. No reserve... http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1291604885
    swap_and_shop Oct 30, 2001