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  • ksarulofpurdimal
    I got the Demonstration cartridge (boxed) in the mail this week, along with a Pyuuta, a Game Adaptor (boxed), over a dozen Japanese cartridges (loose), Joy
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 27, 2013

      I got the Demonstration cartridge (boxed) in the mail this week, along with a Pyuuta, a Game Adaptor (boxed), over a dozen Japanese cartridges (loose), Joy Controllers, and a Pyuuta manual.  I'm still waiting for my Pyuuta Mk II to arrive.  It has one of the carry cases and a few pages of documentation (though it doesn't look like the Mk II manual is present, just the getting started/setup guide).  That will give me three Mk IIs, one of which I plan to modify with an F18A board to replace the video chip.  That will give it VGA output, but it will otherwise work just like the TMS9918A it replaces.  That should eliminate any video issues with using a Mk II here in the US.

      One interesting item I have noticed when bouncing through some of the Japanese Pyuuta sites. It seems that the Printer Interface had BASIC 1 integrated into it for the Pyuuta.  I'd seen the keyboard overlay for it on an auction several months ago, though I have yet to see one of the Printer Interfaces to go with it (or a BASIC 1 cartridge for the Mk II, for that matter).  There were also two different cassette recorders sold for the Pyuuta in Japan--and I have seen one of the Pyuuta Jr. Cassette Interfaces sold (I lost that auction, unfortunately).

      Here are some pix:


      And some info on BASIC 1:


      Now I just need to get a BASIC 1 cart, the Printer Interface, a Pyuuta Jr. manual, a MK II manual, and the Cassette Interface to complete my Pyuuta collection (and some of the cartridge boxes, as I have the boxes for all but five of the cartridges--and examples of all five of them were sold within the last month, but I wasn't able to get in contact with my friend to bid on them for me until after the auctions ended).

      I also found a site with some detailed schematics of the Pyuuta and the Pyuuta Jr:



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      I have the pinout of the cartridge port somewhere, but I'm not sure where
      exactly. I need to dig through the stuff Keith and James sent me.

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