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PHOTO GALLERY UPDATE 10-28-01 plus more

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  • swap_and_shop
    Added: Cave Crawlers Box pictures (front and back side) Cave Crawlers Instructions. Tomy Tutor Tv Controller Picture Tomy Tutor Manual(front
    Message 1 of 93 , Oct 28, 2001
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      Added:<br><br>Cave Crawlers Box pictures (front
      and back side)<br>Cave Crawlers Instructions.<br>Tomy
      Tutor Tv Controller Picture<br>Tomy Tutor Manual(front
      page only)<br><br>Pictures done with my scanner, not
      the best scanner in world... :( <br><br><br>Other
      announcements:<br><br>Changed official chat time to Friday through Sunday 7:00
      p.m. to 11: p.m. central standard time.<br><br>I have
      been kinda busy as of late, plans to add my own web
      page are on hold for now. <br><br><br>I also promised
      to let you all know how I came about getting
      Car-Razy Racer for the Tomy Tutor.. Well.. I was surfering
      on Google one night at 1 a.m. in the morining,
      looking for Mattel Aquarius stuff, and came across a
      directory that listed computer collectors on the web, Most
      of the links were not working, but then I found a
      collector who listed some sites on his web page to try for
      buying classic equipment. Most of those sites were not
      the kind of sites I was interested in, but then I
      came across one called dantiques.---- I am not the
      type of collector who zealously protects collecting
      sources, I collect for the enjoyment of myself and I enjoy
      and praise what others are able to find as well. So
      here is the link:<br><br><a href=http://www.dantiques.com target=new>http://www.dantiques.com</a>
      <br><br>There to my amazement was a Tomy Tutor computer system
      with 4 games, joystick, and original manual. The
      Manual is very hard to find as all of you are aware. It
      was priced at $75.00! Not a bad deal considering it
      had Car-razy racer and the manual with it. What is
      great about this deal is that I can easily sell the
      Tomy Tutor Computer and the remander of the games for
      at least what I paid, thus I get the manual and
      Car-razy race for free! :) What a fishing
    • dsbrain2001
      Everything seems to come up when I m broke. I just completed moving, which took a load of cash and a week off work (unpaid). Then a Tomy Tutor comes up with a
      Message 93 of 93 , Mar 2, 2002
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        Everything seems to come up when I'm broke. I
        just completed moving, which took a load of cash and a
        week off work (unpaid). Then a Tomy Tutor comes up
        with a Pooyan cart and joystick, neither of which I
        have. Last I checked it was up to only $32.00 and less
        than a day to go. And only 60 miles from where I live
        too. I could really use it since my original went up
        in smoke, and I'm running my old backup Tomy now. Oh
        well, bad timing...<br>Davey B.
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