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640Re: [Tomy Tutor] Re: landed a second Mk II

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Aug 29, 2014
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      (replying to both messages)

      > So is this manual the same MK2 manual I uploaded into the files section, or
      > did you get a different one?

      Same manual.

      > I'm also considering cloning the BASIC1 cartridge by burning a pair or
      > standard TUTOR ROMs and putting them on a board once I do the layout, just
      > to see that happens (this should work, after looking into my BASIC1 case,
      > but I won't be sure until I build one).

      It should work, yes -- the Mk II seems to be able to "just use it" and the
      tests I did show it will try to execute code from the unmapped space. I
      might try that myself on a cartridge I don't mind killing.

      > More questions: what is the serial number of your new one? Is it below
      > 5,000 like all of the other MK2 machine's I've seen so far?

      The serial #s I have are 004427 (my first one) and 002195 (this one).

      > Did you get the Pyuuta that sold a couple of days ago with a BASIC1 overlay
      > on it?

      I thought about it, but I'd rather just get a more or less complete BASIC-1
      kit (for either the Pyuuta or Mk II). Basically I'd just be buying it for
      the overlay and I've got a bazillion Pyuutas here gathering dust. Well,
      relatively speaking :)

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