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619finally: XTOMYDEV!

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Jul 6, 2014
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      Okay, I think I'm at a point I can release what I have. Introducing XTOMYDEV!


      XTOMYDEV is a suite of Perl scripts that take tape save data from the Tutor
      and can detokenize or convert it (the current version lists BASIC programs
      and turns GRAPHIC images into Targa-format images). Plus, there is also a
      script to take a greyscale image and *encode* it for the Tutor. In the
      future I hope to be able to tokenize BASIC programs and maybe even GBASIC,
      as well as have better encoders for images and even sprite data.

      Even though it turns out the Data Recorder is not an ordinary tape recorder,
      XTOMYDEV can emit audio files you can record to the Data Recorder that the
      Tutor will read. It will also accept output directly from the computer
      (prerecorded cassettes are not yet supported).

      I've also included some information on the Tutor tape format, which is
      digital and not at all like the TI.


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