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601RE: Pyuuta Mk II

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  • ksarulofpurdimal
    Oct 10, 2013
      I have a friend in Japan at the moment (she's been there for the last year or so).  When I see something I want on Yahoo! Japan, she bids on it for me if I can get into contact with her before the auction ends.  I miss almost as many as I win--but I've been getting LOTS of nice Pyuuta things to add to my collection since she went to Japan.  I'm down to 5 Japanese game cartridges that I need boxes for, though I now have doubles of about 15 Japanese cartridges (several boxed, most not) that came as bonus parts of lots that I bought.  None of the rare ones though--on those I have one of each.  In all I have two Pyuutas, One Pyuuta Jr., three Pyuuta Mk IIs, and three of the US Tomy Tutors.

      Here's the website for the F18A modification--note it shows he has none available right now, but he builds some pretty regularly to keep up with demand, and an email to him will usually trigger another spate of assembly.  They are very good boards (I have three--one for the Mk II, one for my Powertran Cortex, and one for one of my TI-99/4As).  Note that it requires removal of the video chip and placing a socket in its place, so the mod is not for the faint of heart on any of the Tomy products. . .it is much easier on my Cortex and my TI, as the VDP is already socketed on both of them.



      ---In tomytutor@yahoogroups.com, <spectre@...> wrote:

      > I do plan to modify one of my Mk IIs with an F18A to give it a nice
      > VGA output. Now all I need is a BASIC1 module. . .

      Where are you finding all this stuff??

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