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580Re: [Tomy Tutor] Pyuuta Cassette Tapes

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  • Bill Loguidice
    Dec 16, 2012
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      I'm still holding out hope for one day finding a 3-D series game,
      particularly Rescue Copter. Looks like none of those are presently listed,

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      On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 12:24 PM, ksarulofpurdimal <no_reply@yahoogroups.com
      > wrote:

      > **
      > I've had a lot of fun looking for Pyuuta things on Yahoo! Japan lately.
      > Unfortunately, I missed the boxed Pyuuta Jr. Tape Interface (yes, they
      > really do exist--it is the second one I've seen for sale this year). I also
      > saw an odd thing with a regular Pyuuta--it had a BASIC-1 overlay for the
      > keyboard. It didn't have a BASIC-1 module though--just the overlay. From
      > that, it makes me think that it was somehow possible to use the BASIC-1
      > with a regular Pyuuta (maybe with the cartridge expander box?).
      > I did win some of the items I was in pursuit of though--a pair of tapes,
      > which brings me to a grand total of three Pyuuta tapes (the one I have is
      > UFO).
      > Tomy also apparently sold two different tape drives for the Pyuuta in
      > Japan. The seller of the cassette interface also sold a cassette drive, but
      > the bidding for that one went really high fast, so I don't think many of
      > that variety were sold. It may have just been the fact that it was in a
      > crisp original box too. . .
      > There are a lot of Japanese release cartridges up for sale right now, some
      > for very realonable prices. There are more Pyuuta things on sale there over
      > the last couple of weeks than I've seen in years!

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