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575Re: [Tomy Tutor] Pyuuta Mark II

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  • ksarulofpurdimal
    Sep 8 10:50 AM
      I have Rescue Copter (and all 25 of the other regular Pyuuta cartridges, all but 7 boxed), but I don't have the Japanese or the American demo cartridges.

      One other odd note: a few months back, I saw a Pyuuta Jr. for sale with the cassette interface--that was the first and only time I'd ever seen one of those. Unfortunately, I didn't see it until AFTER it was sold, and didn't realize what it was at first as the pictures weren't that good! Some internal Tomy documentation for the Pyuuta (on GBASIC) came up for sale at about the same time--but my Japanese contact got my message on that one about two hours too late to bid on it for me.

      When comparing serial numbers, it also looks like there may have been very few Mark IIs sold--mine is in the 800s and yours is in the mid 4000s, Cameron. Have you ever seen one much higher than that? There is also another way to get around the RF video problem: switch out the 9918ANL with one of the new F18A video daughter boards. That would give it a nice VGA output, so it could be used with any modern monitor. I'm debating desoldering the 9918 on mine to make the mod--though I might just go the route you used with the Pyuuta Jr. to avoid major surgery on the board.

      I do know the F18A works fine on the US Tutor, as the developer tested it on one.


      --- In tomytutor@yahoogroups.com, Cameron Kaiser <spectre@...> wrote:
      > > After a looong search, I finally found one of these, though it didn't have
      > > the manual or a BASIC1 cartridge.
      > Mine also lacks the manual or BASIC-1.
      > > It arrived safely today--and the purchase included the one Japanese game
      > > cartridge I was missing too: Superbike, so it was a doubly good day.
      > Bonus! I'm still looking for that one, Rescue Copter, and the Japanese
      > demo cartridge.
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