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563Re: [Tomy Tutor] Breathing New Life in This Group ...

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  • Neil Morrison
    Feb 22, 2012
      Jim Gerrie has created many similar games for the Radio Shack MC-10
      including "Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio" City-state simulation.


      Might give you some ideas - they're all in a version of MSBasic.


      From: "Bill Loguidice" <bill@...>

      > While it's quite common for homebrew efforts to recreate arcade games for
      > the umpteenth time, if someone was going to go to the effort on the Tutor,
      > it would be nice if they created something original. Of course, if an
      > arcade game were recreated, there's no reason why the game couldn't have
      > different levels and what-not.
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