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555Super Cobra for Tutor?

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  • Mario
    Jun 25, 2010

      Has anyone ever attempted to make a Tomy Tutor port of Super Cobra? Reason being: Scramble, which does exist for the Tutor.

      The arcade version of Super Cobra (the American market version published by Stern) has both the main SC fanfare followed by the Scramble fanfare; the latter of which is the only piece of music to exist on the ColecoVision port.

      For the Tutor port of SC, the spaceship is replaced by a helicopter. Whereas Scramble had just 5 stages before the end, SC extends that to 10. To beat the game you had to successfully carry the booty that appears in the last stage, and take it to the base. Then the game starts over again, with higher fuel consumption.

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