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548Re: [Tomy Tutor] Assembler/Basic and Cassette

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  • kabldb
    Feb 20, 2010
      > > When I save from Basic the file created starts with something like a
      > > constant tone for 8.5 seconds. When I load the same file the feedback in
      > > MESS only has 2.5 seconds. Both sounds last for 16.5 seconds.
      > I'm not desperately relying on MESS as a source of veracity regarding the
      > tape. Once I have it working with the real Tutor, I'll probably focus on
      > MESS at that point.

      No, why should you, it's broken. I was only trying to help. I would have expected the feedback to be very much like the saved file. And I thought that this info might raise an eyebrow and maybe give input to tackle the cassette problem from other angles. Not that you have to or anything.

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