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546Re: [Tomy Tutor] Assembler/Basic and Cassette

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  • kabldb
    Feb 20, 2010
      > > > Once I figure out what I'm doing wrong (I suspect I need to make a little
      > > > circuit to adjust the audio to what the Tutor is expecting), then we can
      > > > even cross-develop and I'll post my work and source code.
      > >
      > > Would that be 9995 assembly language programming or Basic ?
      > No, the cross-tape reader is written in Perl, actually. The source is
      > pretty easy to understand. When I get it finished, it will accept image
      > files and BASIC text. The Tomy OS, TTBOMK, offers no way to load machine
      > code from tape through the ROM routines (this makes sense, because it is
      > loading everything to VDP RAM, which can't be executed by the CPU).

      Okay, so the cross-develop would be Basic.

      > > I'm an emulator only guy (once decided to have a clean desk etc.). Since
      > > cartridges work fine with MESS, I thought that one could cross assemble and
      > > create cartridges. Do you know if 9995 and 9900 and very much alike ?
      > If you write 9900 code, it should work fine on the 9995. The only difference
      > with the 9995 is the built-in scratchpad RAM and the 8-bit muxed data bus,
      > which is for most intents and purposes irrelevant to the program (remember,
      > the 99/8 is a 9995 also, and the 99/4 has the same scratchpad RAM, just
      > external to the CPU).
      > However, no one has really done much analysis of how to get a ROM to autostart
      > and some cartridges may contain Tomy GPL, which is not at all the same as TI
      > GPL (as demonstrated by experimentation with the Pyuuta mark II, which has a
      > very different CLA than the Pyuuta and Tutor).

      I think there's enough info in the MESS source to work things out.

      > > I tried to make small programs and save to tape using MESS with both
      > > TI-99/4A and Tomy Tutor. I listened to the wave files produced and they
      > > sound alright. Different but as I remember the sounds from way back in the
      > > early eighties.
      > The TI and the Tomy have totally different tape formats. IIRC, the TI is
      > based on AFSK, while the Tomy uses a purely digital pulse system similar to
      > the Commodore, although the bit framing is totally different. The tape
      > systems are wholly incompatible, unfortunately, so the research done into
      > the TI CS1 formats is no good here.

      Well, I wasn't actually trying to cross anything over there. Let's just only talk Tomy Tutor not to confuse anything. When I save from Basic the file created starts with something like a constant tone for 8.5 seconds. When I load the same file the feedback in MESS only has 2.5 seconds. Both sounds last for 16.5 seconds. I know it's a strange discovery, and it is probably leading nowhere. I've uploaded the 2 recordings. When the load error occurs at 10.5 seconds the volume of feedback is lowered.

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