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524Line-in tape load and save

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Nov 17, 2009
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      Has anyone been successful with connecting their Tutor to a computer and
      saving and loading from audio files?

      I'm able to "save" to my Power Mac G5 no problem. However, I can't seem to
      get the Tutor to recognize the signal, even in mono, even using line out,
      even using varying levels in QT Player. And yes, before you ask, the audio
      samples are 44.1kHz 16-bit AIFF uncompressed, simply playing back exactly
      what the Tutor emitted.

      On the plus side, I have made some progress deciphering the Tomy tape format.
      Even if I can't get *encoding* to work, I might be able to release some
      *decoding* tools very soon for both GRAPHIC and BASIC.

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