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520Of All the Japanese Only Tomy Tutor Games...

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  • Mario
    Oct 24, 2009
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      Out of all the Japanese-only Tomy Tutor (called "Pyuuta" in Japan) games, which of these would you liked to have seen be made available for our Tutor?

      THE LIST:
      *Monster Inn
      *Turtles (a port of the Konami arcade game)
      *Frogger (a port of the Konami arcade game)
      *Night Flight
      *Mission Attack
      *Mystery Gold (was to be released in the U.S. under the title "Demon Diggers")
      *Don Pan
      *Athletic Land
      *Disney's TRON (we did get this one as "Hyperspace")
      *Triple Command (was to be released as "Time Pilot" considering that game was a Konami license)
      *Rescue Copter 3D
      *Baseball 3D
      *Battlefighter 3D

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