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510Scramble - Tomy Tutor and Arcade Differences

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  • Benjamin Edge
    Jan 30, 2009
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      Having just played "Scramble" for Tomy Tutor on the MESS emulator (v 0.81) I discovered that the way that the game ends, if by winning, is similar to how it ends on Tomy's VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) machine of the same name: the enemy command ship is guarded by a column of "meteor" missiles, three rows horizontal. Even the Tutor version's instructions make it clear: "Fly over mountains and through armed cities to reach the enemy command ship, which is protected by a wall of missiles" and, on another page: "Fly over mountains and through an armed city until you reach your destination. Keep firing at the wall of missiles until you break through and can shoot at the enemy command ship."

      As usual, there are four oil tanks on the ground (which you should shoot down at, especially when your oil supply is low) just before these columns. You must destroy these barriers until you make an opening so that your missile can contact the enemy command ship. Destroy the enemy command ship and you earn 1000 points. The opening fanfare will sound and the game continues at the start with your rocket refilled -- the level now has a higher difficulty than before.

      In the arcade version of the game, after you managed to clear the most difficult section of the game in all (sector five; this involves using good judgment when flying up and down and pulling back), the command ship appears just after you see a canyon reading "KONAMI" (the trademark owner of the "Scramble" game). Shoot down the command ship and your mission is complete, and then you start right back at the beginning -- at increased difficulty. In this version, though, if you destroy the command ship (try to gun down at it before you reach its canyon; if you're at its level, fire your laser; if above, drop bombs) and then your ship, you will not lose a life.


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