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501If USA Sales Had Gone Well for the Tomy Tutor in the 1983-84 Season...

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  • Benjamin Edge
    Nov 22, 2008
      If sales had gone well for the Tomy Tutor in the USA during the 1983-84

      What video game translations would you have wanted to see for the Tutor?
      (I am listing more Konami properties here)
      1. Super Cobra (1981) (this is the military take on "Scramble" where
      you have to pick up the booty in the 10th and final stage to win the
      entire game (and then start all over again at increased difficulty), as
      opposed to destroying the command base in "Scramble"'s 6th and final
      2. Amidar (1981)
      3. Time Pilot (1982)
      4. Badlands (1983)
      5. Roc 'N Rope (1983)
      6. Track & Field (1983)
      7. Gyruss (1983)
      8. Circus Charlie (1984) - notable for the brief reference to Johann
      Strauss' waltz "The Blue Danube," heard in the final stage.
      9. Antarctic Adventure (1984) - the "Skater's Waltz" ("Die
      Schlittschuhlaufer" in German; "Les Patineurs" in French), by composer
      Emil Waldteufel, is heard throughout the game. This did see a release
      on the ColecoVision.

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