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500Re: [Tomy Tutor] Tomy Tutor (USA) Box - Sides

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Nov 21, 2008
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      > Who here could please kindly submit pictures of the USA Tomy Tutor box
      > sides (left side, top side, right side and bottom side)? Also, your
      > camera must have good lighting while attempting to do these four sides.
      > One of the four box sides features several screenshots of games that
      > were never released in the USA; an interesting fact about one of the
      > screenshots on one of the sides of the Tutor box art is that the
      > word "BONUS" is misspelled as "BOUNS." The name of that game is said to
      > be "Don Pan" or perhaps, "Traffic Jam."

      I'm not anywhere near my Tutor a/t/m (out in the field for the weekend),
      but I'm pretty sure that was Traffic Jam. BOUNS just means the player caught
      the letters in the wrong order.

      The remaining screenshots are pure mockups, although one is the Shinkansen
      bullet train which is from a Japanese cassette package not sold in the USA.
      The rest are fanciful fluff.

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