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488Tomy and Konami

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  • Benjamin Edge
    Nov 27, 2007

      Since many of the arcade game titles ported to the Tomy Tutor were
      properties of Konami (including "Frogger," "Scramble," "Jungler," "Loco-
      Motion" and "Pooyan"), did Tomy have plans to release "Time
      Pilot," "Track & Field" and "Gyruss" (three other early well-regarded
      Konami licenses) for the Tutor before the first wave of the video game
      industry went kaput in early 1984?

      Only "Frogger," which was distributed in the U.S. by Sega for the
      arcades, was not released for the U.S. Tomy Tutor (all the other
      released Konami properties were).

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