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474Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Hi - I've become obsessed over the Tomy Tutor

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Nov 5, 2007
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      > Thanks for the link!
      > One thing that I noticed was the part on video capabilities:
      > Lately some people have been working on replacing the 9918A video
      > card on the TI with the 9928 which outputs component rather than
      > composite... with at least one success so far but I don't know if
      > such a thing is possible (or even desirable) for either the Tutor or
      > the Pyuuta's....

      I can't find a reason why it wouldn't work, but as you say,

      > With these consoles being so rare compared to the TI-99/4A, I can
      > imagine its not an experiment anyone would want to actually try.

      ... right. I'd hate to be wrong and ruin a 9928, not to mention a Tutor.

      > As far as gameplay (not computing) is concerned, what is the main
      > difference between using a Pyuuta vs. a Tutor? I am kinda under the
      > impression that they will both play games from the other console, but
      > I haven't been able to actually ask someone with both.

      A Pyuuta will run almost every cartridge that a Tutor will, except for
      "3-D series" games which require extra addressing lines (there were
      converters for these) that are not on the Pyuuta, and Car-Azy Racer will
      run but be effectively unplayable because there are no lower-case characters.

      Similarly, a regular Tutor will run all Pyuuta games, but they may not
      appear in Japanese (and they may be garbled).

      For an example of this, look at the Scramble screenshot on the catalogue


      > Thanks... I'm just glad there is still anyone at all into this
      > obscure and really fascinating console...

      It's not really a console, though (except the Pyuuta Jr which really *is*
      a console) -- it was and remains targetted as a computer. It's just a shame
      that Tomy never let it progress very far.

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