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417Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Pyuuta Jr. Innards

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Aug 9, 2005
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      > > One other screenshot, if I could impose -- what does Graphic mode look
      > > like? Were you able to get into the MONitor at all?
      > When I hit mode three times and then hit monitor, a little menu appears
      > at the bottom of the screen with the following options:
      > SAVE, LOAD, and VERIFY make the screen flash a bit and then the system
      > locks up. GRAPH seems to just bring you back to the GRAPHIC program,
      > and MENU brings you back out to the beginning menu. I'll get you a
      > screenshot of it tomorrow.

      That would be great!

      Two more things, since MONitor is different: could you also take a picture of
      GRAPHIC mode after it starts (with the palette below) so I can see how
      colour selection works, and then press MOD twice to turn on sprites and take
      a picture of that? I want to see how the sprite colour and palette colour
      selection differs.

      That's all the MONitor does in the Pyuuta and Tutors, too, except that it
      offers GBASIC specific commands as well and you type them in. Your report
      suggests that the Jr doesn't have GBASIC, and frankly, I can't say I'm

      It would be interesting to find out if saved images/GBASIC programs from a
      Tutor or Pyuuta could work (at least the image and sprite forks) on a Jr.,
      but that'll have to wait until we find one with a cassette port. -_-

      Again, thanks so much. When I collect all of this, I will post them on the
      Little Orphan site so at least there can be a moderately comprehensive Jr
      entry until I get one of my own. *rubs hands*

      ---------------------------------- personal: http://www.armory.com/~spectre/ --
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