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414Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Pyuuta Jr. Innards

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Aug 8, 2005
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      > > Interesting that it's in English. v2.2 ... Tutors and the Pyuuta II
      > > have v2.3.
      > Huh. I wonder why the newer Pyuuta Jr. would be of a earlier revision
      > than the older Pyuutas and Tutors? The whole English thing is
      > confusing, too. Perhaps they wanted to keep the door open to a US
      > release.

      Well, the Pyuuta II was also in English, but it basically was identical
      to the US Tomy Tutor ROM-1, so that's its explanation. I'm not sure why
      this uses the earlier revision either, unless the version numbering is
      specific to the Jr and not the whole line (after all, you do have a board
      rev B, so maybe there were ROM changes also between rev A and rev B and
      the ROM version numbers are not comparable).

      One other screenshot, if I could impose -- what does Graphic mode look
      like? Were you able to get into the MONitor at all?

      Thanks and sorry to be a pain; this is my first chance to see one of these
      things in action.

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