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404Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Pyuuta Jr. Innards

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  • haohmaruus
    Aug 7 7:41 PM
      Sure, I'll get a picture of the loading screen and whatnot tomorrow if
      I have a chance. I don't know when I'll get actual cartridges for it,
      though, it depends on if I want to pay for faster shipping (1 week) or
      the slower stuff (2 months).

      I assume MONitor is some sort of assembly monitor? That would be odd to
      include on what's essentially a gaming system. I assume that's why the
      circuitry is so much simpler, too. Maybe the Custom Logic Array (which
      I assume is used for address decoding)is simpler because it doesn't
      have to address as wide of an address space (since there's only one
      system ROM).

      And in pictures I've seen of the Pyuuta Jr., it's often shown with a
      tape drive attached. I wonder what it was used for.
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