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403Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Pyuuta Jr. Innards

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Aug 7, 2005
      > This is quite interesting. The Custom Logic Array is very abbreviated
      > compared to a Tutor or full Pyuuta (and the DCSG is not part of it here;
      > it's up next to the cartridge slot). There is only one ROM "JR", so
      > obviously no Tomy BASIC. Is there GBASIC or a MONitor? (GRAPHIC mode,
      > press MODE three times, press MONITOR). The keys allege there is, but
      > it must not use the regular four-letter words.

      ... and, while I'm thinking of it, if the MONitor *does* appear, does it
      still work when a cartridge is plugged in?

      Thanks very, very much for the pictures!

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