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395[Tomy Tutor ] Re: Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta joypad pinout?

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  • haohmaruus
    Jul 20 11:18 AM
      I'd probably be hesitant about using something as old and rare as a
      NEC Trek without proper power. My NEC PC-8801 seems to like US power
      just fine, though, and those things are a dime a dozen to replace
      anyways. The only one I'm really worried about is my Sharp X68000
      since those are notorious for having bad power supplies in the first
      place. I'm lucky mine works at all, and running it off US power would
      just be tempting fate. Plus I use it nearly every day, whereas most of
      my other old Japanese stuff (other than the MSX) only gets pulled out
      every once in awhile. I also noticed my FM Towns Marty heats up quite
      a bit, you can feel it even through the plastic case.
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