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393Re: Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta joypad pinout?

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  • haohmaruus
    Jul 20, 2005
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      > Were these all tunable to 2/3, or 3/4?

      I think they were 2/3, but I'll have to check. The Cassettevision's
      have tiny little trimpots recessed into the bottom of the case that
      lets you fine tune the video signal, which is helpful if you get a
      fuzzy picture.

      > since they were imported at considerable cost. The $30 I spent for
      a fuse
      > protected 100<->117 transformer at Fry's seemed very inexpensive
      > I'm also not sure what this would do to the power supplies long
      term running
      > them at USA mains voltage.

      Eventually I'll probably go the same route, but I'd probably have to
      buy a couple since I've got systems in different places throughout
      my house. Plus, several of the Japanese systems I have use external
      power supplies, which would be trivial to replace if they died.

      > Good point, I'd forgotten about that. You can control GRAPHIC mode
      > the joystick, although the keyboard is needed to switch modes and
      > colours. I don't know how the Pyuuta does it, but it's probably
      done with
      > the console buttons. I'd like to hear what you discover.

      I'll let you know what I discover, but I can't really compare the
      Pyuuta Jr.'s operation to a normal Tomy Tutor or Pyuuta because I've
      never used either before.
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