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392Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Re: Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta joypad pinout?

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Jul 20 10:13 AM
      > It's worth a shot, but it depends on the system and it depends on
      > the TV. I've had success with a few Japanese systems like the Pyuuta
      > Jr., Cassette Vision, and Super Cassette Vision. All of those work
      > on channels 95 or 96. But my Famicom won't work on any channel for
      > some reason, and I ended up having to mod it to output composite.

      Were these all tunable to 2/3, or 3/4?

      > Also, for reference: The Pyuuta Jr. appears to run fine off US
      > power. Japanese stuff tends to run a bit hot on our power, but I've
      > yet to have any problems with power supplies blowing out or
      > anything. And I've tried with quite a few Japanese systems, like the
      > X68000 and FM Towns and X1 and MSX and so on. I've been running my
      > MSX off US power for over a year now and it still works fine and
      > dandy.

      I'm too antsy to do that with my Japanese systems, though, especially
      since they were imported at considerable cost. The $30 I spent for a fuse
      protected 100<->117 transformer at Fry's seemed very inexpensive insurance.
      I'm also not sure what this would do to the power supplies long term running
      them at USA mains voltage.

      > > Fortunate that the Pyuuta has composite output. By the way, any chance of
      > > seeing the internals of the Pyuuta Jr? I'd like to see how the ROMs are
      > > laid out.
      > Sure, will do. I intend to take it apart to look at the joystick
      > ports anyways.

      That would be fabulous. Pictures would be excellent.

      > > Does it only allow GRAPHIC, or does it have BASIC (I can't imagine
      > > how, but ...) Is there any GBASIC support?
      > I'll check again tonight, but I'm pretty sure the only option is
      > GRAPHIC. Speaking of which, do you know if graphic can be controlled
      > via joystick?
      > And speaking of joysticks, now that I think about it I'm pretty sure
      > the TI-99/4a joysticks aren't completely compatible with the Pyuuta,
      > because the TI-99 sticks only have one button rather than two.
      > Perhaps it does work but with just one button, but I'm going to do a
      > little more research on it before I plug the TI-99 sticks in. I
      > don't want to burn the port out or anything, so I'm going to at
      > least ensure that the ground pins are in the same place.

      Good point, I'd forgotten about that. You can control GRAPHIC mode with
      the joystick, although the keyboard is needed to switch modes and select
      colours. I don't know how the Pyuuta does it, but it's probably done with
      the console buttons. I'd like to hear what you discover.

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