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390Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Re: Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta joypad pinout?

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  • Cameron Kaiser
    Jul 20, 2005
      > I picked it up on Yahoo Auctions Japan. I forget how much I paid for
      > it, but it wasn't much. Around 1000 yen ($10). After shipping fees
      > and surcharges it probably cost me less than $50, although I used
      > cheap shipping so it took 2 months to reach the US. But it didn't
      > come with anything but the unit itself and the power cable. No box
      > or games or joypads. I think it was sold as untested, too, but it
      > seems to work at least with the built in software. It only outputs
      > RF, so to get the picture on a US Television you need to set the
      > Pyuuta Jr. to channel 2 but turn your TV to channel 95 or 96.

      I didn't realize you could do that; I had to use my Pyuuta Mk II (which is
      also RF only) with my Mac's TV tuner card set to Japanese frequencies. I'll
      try your method and see how well it works. It might also work for my
      Commodore Ultimax, but I don't remember if it tunes to channel 2.

      Fortunate that the Pyuuta has composite output. By the way, any chance of
      seeing the internals of the Pyuuta Jr? I'd like to see how the ROMs are
      laid out. Does it only allow GRAPHIC, or does it have BASIC (I can't imagine
      how, but ...) Is there any GBASIC support?

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