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39Tomy Tutor Tally

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  • spectrevishnu
    Oct 1, 2001
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      Some of the rarer items I have documented on
      the<br>Little Orphan web page seem to be just that --<br>rare.
      Plus, I'd like to see if the items that I<br>have
      surmised are common, really are encountered<br>that
      often.<br><br>Would people care to post their cartridge
      and<br>peripherals lists? Then we can compare notes and<br>figure
      out just what seems to exist in this group<br>(which
      is probably the largest single meeting<br>place for
      Tutor users out there, right, Mike? :-)<br><br>Myself
      (boxed unless otherwise noted)<br><br>* Cave
      Crawlers<br>* Deep Six<br>* Traffic Jam<br>* Hyperspace
      (loose)<br>* Jungler (loose)<br>* Loco-Motion<br>* Car-Azy
      Racer<br>* Pooyan<br>* Scramble<br>* Scramble-JA
      (loose)<br>* Saurusland (loose)<br>* Night Flight (loose)<br>*
      Mission Attack (loose)<br>* Athletic Land (loose)<br>* 2
      main units, both boxed<br>* 2 Data Recorders, one
      loose<br>* 2 joysticks, one loose<br>* one set of disc
      controllers, boxed<br><br>Other people?
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