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389Re: Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta joypad pinout?

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  • haohmaruus
    Jul 20, 2005
      > I am *told* but have not been able to confirm that the Tomy Tutor
      > the TI 99/4A pinout. However, I do not have any TI joysticks to
      test it
      > with. It is definitely not the same as the Atari/Commodore

      I've got a couple TI-99 joysticks floating around, I'll try them out
      with the Pyuuta Jr. tonight. However, as of right now I don't have
      any games for the thing (In a few weeks I'll have Scramble and
      Frogger). The Pyuuta Jr. does have a built in painting program of
      some sort, though, so I'll try to test the joysticks with that.

      > Where did you find your Pyuuta Jr? I have a Pyuuta and a Pyuuta Mk
      II, but
      > I've been trying very hard to land a Jr without success. It's the
      last system
      > I'm missing in my Tomy collection (I have several Tomy Tutors, of

      I picked it up on Yahoo Auctions Japan. I forget how much I paid for
      it, but it wasn't much. Around 1000 yen ($10). After shipping fees
      and surcharges it probably cost me less than $50, although I used
      cheap shipping so it took 2 months to reach the US. But it didn't
      come with anything but the unit itself and the power cable. No box
      or games or joypads. I think it was sold as untested, too, but it
      seems to work at least with the built in software. It only outputs
      RF, so to get the picture on a US Television you need to set the
      Pyuuta Jr. to channel 2 but turn your TV to channel 95 or 96.
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