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358Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Game Roms!!!

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  • Russ Perry Jr
    Jan 14, 2004
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      At 7:14 AM +0000 1/12/04, slydc wrote:
      > Just read that some of you was looking for some game roms.
      > I have found 7 so far (all of them where compressed in ARK
      > format). I manage to find a ARK decompressor and finally got
      > them in BIN format.
      > But what is curious is that there are either 35K or 77K, and
      > usually there are supposed to be 32K or 64K....very weird. I'm
      > no expert on dumping cartridges or developping softwares, so
      > i've put the 7 roms in the "Files" section so if someone can
      > do something about these.

      If you look at carrace.bin with a hex editor, there's a bunch
      of stuff about pizza in it. Is that normal?

      I have to admit that the sizes don't sound right, but there's
      some apparent "header" info in the files that look "normal"
      (like "TRAFFIC1" through "TRAFFIC5" in the Traffic Jam ROM.

      But, there are also gaps full of spaces (see 3FC2 through 403B
      for a big one), and the end of the files are a bunch of 00s.
      Possibly these are bad dumps?
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