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340Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Owner's Manual

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  • Davey Brain
    Nov 11, 2003
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      vortexamjk wrote thusly:
      > Hi All
      > Looking for an operationg( owner's ) Manual for the Tomy. Has anyone
      > scanned a manual to put in the files ? Any information greatly
      > appreciated.
      > Adrian

      If I had the manual it would be at my website with the MC-10 and
      Aquarious manuals <http://www.neosplice.com/~dsbrain/retro/dl.htm> but
      I don't have a copy. I am also anxious to get it. So if anyone has it
      in text, HTML or pre-5.0 PDF format I'd like to know also.
      Davey Brain
      dsbrain@NOSPAM!neosplice.com or

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