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328You check eBay store for Pyu-ta items of great rarity!

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  • Davey Brain
    Oct 25, 2003
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      For many Tomy items of great rarity you check eBay store of Loose Logic:

      Seriously, the seller is from Japan and sells many Japanese items for
      all video games. He has quite a few Tomy items up under the Tomy Pyu-ta
      (Tutor) page but they are definately not inexpensive. But if you are a
      serious collecter he may have an item you need to complete your
      collection. Right now he has a Tomy Pyu-ta JP video game, an expansion
      connector for it, and several Tomy Tutors including one for a min bid of
      $49.95. He also has numerous games for sale. Just be sure to keep in
      mind the cost of shipping from Japan can be a bit more.

      I just lost my job (and benefits) so I'm really tapped out right now.
      I'd love to get the Mahjongg game. I have versions of Mahjongg for
      almost every system I own as well as over 50 versions for the PC. As
      you can tell it's my favorite game.

      Anyway, I hope someone can benefit from this info. I have no connection
      with the auctions or the seller, it just popped up on my Tomy Tutor
      saved search from eBay tonight.
      Davey Brain
      dsbrain@NOSPAM!neosplice.com or

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