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324Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Cartridges on Tape?

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  • koltz1971
    Oct 18, 2003
      I felt it was a pretty good deal myself :) Didn't know much about
      it until I read the description and did some research. I collect
      Atari, Commodore, TI, TRS, and many weird off market ones. Reason I
      started getting into this again (was all stored in my garage for 4
      years) was I work in a K-12 school district, so I talked with the
      librarian and we decided to put most of my stuff on display. Cool
      thing is I got to clean and test them all thoroughly while at work
      because it was for the kid's benefit :) I also had my intern help

      On the TI forums, I did a past search on Tomy Tutor and somebody did
      convert some Tutor games to run on the Myarc and TI. They are on
      disk and available for download, don't know if they were totally
      converted and will run on the Tutor again or not.


      --- In tomytutor@yahoogroups.com, Davey Brain <dsbrain@n...> wrote:
      > Neil Morrison wrote thusly:
      > > Is there anything 'funny' about the ROMs? Perhaps it could be
      > > possible to make clone cartridges. Another way we did it on the
      > > Coco was to put RAM in a cartridge.
      > >
      > > On the original Model I Level I TRS-80 you could load M/L and
      > > it by overwriting the stack. When you returned from the CLOAD
      > > you jumped to the M/L routine.
      > >
      > > Neil
      > Are you familiar with the TI-99 computers? The RAM cart trick was
      > on the TI-99. There are carts that allow you to load it with
      > carts and choose from them. As I understand it there were also
      > that allowed you to save the carts ROM contents to disk and exec
      > with either the ed/ass cart or TI-Writer (which had a ML loader
      > built-in. The most famous was probably the Gramcracker cart. The
      > comes from the fact that TI used a proprietary graphics ROM called
      > GROM to try to force people to license the tech from them and let
      > produce all the software for the TI-99 (bad policy IMHO). These
      > carts simulated a GROM in RAM to allow you to use them. I had
      quite a
      > few "aqquired" cart games on disk but they were all RAM-only carts
      > the Atari and Parker Bros games. It was later that they developed
      > GRAM carts.
      > I don't know much more about this as I never got into the GRAM
      > because when I was using my TI-99/4a I didn't have enough money to
      > any of those. I couldn't even afford a 2nd disk drive or a DS
      drive, so
      > I had the one stock SSSD 90K drive and that was all. By the time
      I was
      > out of school and could afford those things I'd moved on first to
      > Franklin Ace/Apple ][ computers and then to a Leading Edge Model D
      > DR-DOS 4 machine with GEM 3.
      > BTW, glad to see Corey in the group. I tracked the Tomy I posted
      > here & wished I could have afforded it. If that is the one then
      he got
      > it for a bargain price with his the only bid, which surprised me.
      > Either the bottom has fallen out of the Tutor market or this one
      > past. I paid $92 for my first one & $75 for my backup one and
      > even have a manual. The $92 one lasted about 6 weeks before it
      > the main PS capacitor. I found a functional replacement but the
      > computer is flakey now so the PS must have sent a surge that
      damaged the
      > ROM on it. So I use my BU now, not as pretty but it works.
      > --
      > Davey Brain
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      > dsbrain2001@y...!com
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