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323Re: [Tomy Tutor ] Cartridges on Tape?

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  • Davey Brain
    Oct 17, 2003
      Neil Morrison wrote thusly:
      > Is there anything 'funny' about the ROMs? Perhaps it could be
      > possible to make clone cartridges. Another way we did it on the R/S
      > Coco was to put RAM in a cartridge.
      > On the original Model I Level I TRS-80 you could load M/L and execute
      > it by overwriting the stack. When you returned from the CLOAD routine
      > you jumped to the M/L routine.
      > Neil

      Are you familiar with the TI-99 computers? The RAM cart trick was done
      on the TI-99. There are carts that allow you to load it with mulitple
      carts and choose from them. As I understand it there were also carts
      that allowed you to save the carts ROM contents to disk and exec them
      with either the ed/ass cart or TI-Writer (which had a ML loader
      built-in. The most famous was probably the Gramcracker cart. The Gram
      comes from the fact that TI used a proprietary graphics ROM called a
      GROM to try to force people to license the tech from them and let TI
      produce all the software for the TI-99 (bad policy IMHO). These later
      carts simulated a GROM in RAM to allow you to use them. I had quite a
      few "aqquired" cart games on disk but they were all RAM-only carts like
      the Atari and Parker Bros games. It was later that they developed the
      GRAM carts.

      I don't know much more about this as I never got into the GRAM scene
      because when I was using my TI-99/4a I didn't have enough money to get
      any of those. I couldn't even afford a 2nd disk drive or a DS drive, so
      I had the one stock SSSD 90K drive and that was all. By the time I was
      out of school and could afford those things I'd moved on first to the
      Franklin Ace/Apple ][ computers and then to a Leading Edge Model D
      DR-DOS 4 machine with GEM 3.

      BTW, glad to see Corey in the group. I tracked the Tomy I posted about
      here & wished I could have afforded it. If that is the one then he got
      it for a bargain price with his the only bid, which surprised me.
      Either the bottom has fallen out of the Tutor market or this one sneaked
      past. I paid $92 for my first one & $75 for my backup one and don't
      even have a manual. The $92 one lasted about 6 weeks before it blew-up
      the main PS capacitor. I found a functional replacement but the
      computer is flakey now so the PS must have sent a surge that damaged the
      ROM on it. So I use my BU now, not as pretty but it works.
      Davey Brain
      dsbrain@NOSPAM!neosplice.com or

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