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31WELCOME NEW MEMBER! binaryside!

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  • swap_and_shop
    Sep 10, 2001
      Welcome Fabrice! For those of you who may not
      know, Fabrice is the webmaster for <br>TI-99 Forever!:
      <a href=http://www.ti99.com target=new>http://www.ti99.com</a> <br><br>He has a very cool webpage that covers
      the TI-99 as well as the Tomy Tutor! His site has a
      lot of great pictures showing the inside of the Tomy
      Tutor. Site is in French, but you can translate it in
      English with Altavista, or Google has an automatic
      translation feature as well. <br><br>The club is really
      coming together guys! I am extremely pleased with the
      membership turn-out, and to think it has only been a little
      over a month since we started! <br><br>Michael
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