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309FYI: Vintage Computer Festival 6.0 Update #1

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  • Neil Morrison
    Oct 3, 2003
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      Saturday, October 11 through Sunday, October 12
      10am until 6pm Daily
      Computer History Museum
      1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, California

      Here's the latest news about the upcoming Vintage Computer Festival
      on October 11th and 12th at the Computer History Museum!

      This update includes:

      Additional Speakers Announced
      Computer History Museum Tours (Free!)
      Directions to the Computer History Museum
      Special Events Reminder: Retro-Code, Book Sale
      DigiBarn Excursion Details
      VCF 6.0 BBS
      Ride-share to the VCF

      -=[ Additional Speakers Announced ]=-

      We've added yet more speakers to the VCF 6.0 line-up, including Lynne
      and William Jolitz speaking about the Symmetric 375 and the history
      386BSD, and Andre' LaMothe who will be giving a rare demo of the
      forthcoming XGameStation, a "neo-retro" video game console kit that
      incorporates 6502 and Z80 processors along with an ARM main processor
      and a custom GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

      Here's the latest schedule:

      Saturday, October 11

      Time Speaker Topic
      -------- ------------------- --------------------------------------
      10:00 AM Evan Koblentz History of the PDA
      11:00 AM Zbigniew Stachniak Microcomputing in Canada 1973-1983
      11:30 AM Christine Finn Collecting the Collectors
      12:00 PM Len Shustek Keynote Speech
      12:30 PM Lynne & Bill Jolitz The Symmetric 375 and Berkeley Unix
      1:00 PM Xerox Alto Panel Xerox Alto 30th Birthday Bash

      Sunday, October 12

      Time Speaker Topic
      -------- ------------------- --------------------------------------
      10:00 AM Joey Tuttle A Personal History of the IBM 5100
      11:00 AM Forth Panel Using Forth with Vintage Computers
      11:30 AM Todd Fischer IMSAI History & the New IMSAI Series 2
      12:00 PM Sellam Ismail VCF Shenanigans
      12:30 PM Jef Raskin The Humane Interface
      1:00 PM Bruce Damer Joys and Trials of Computer Collecting
      1:30 PM Andre' LaMothe Neo-Retro: The XGameStation

      Talks generally run for 1 hour. There are two tracks. Talks that
      begin at the top of the hour are in the first track and talks that
      begin at the half hour are in the second track. For more information
      on the talks and the speakers, go here:


      -=[ Computer History Museum Tours ]=-

      Free tours of the Computer History Museum will be provided during
      day of VCF 6.0. The Museum will hold its regularly scheduled tours
      Saturday, October 11, at 1:00pm and 2:30pm. VCF sponsored tours will
      be available on Saturday, October 11, and Sunday, October 12, every
      half hour from 2:00pm through 5:00pm each day.

      Tour tickets are free to anyone who comes to the Computer History
      Museum. You are not obligated to purchase admission to VCF 6.0
      (though we would like it if you attended the VCF before or after your
      tour :) We have 15 tickets available for each timeslot. Tickets
      will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis. Ask for a
      tour ticket at the VCF registration desk at the entrance of the
      Computer History Museum.

      -=[ Directions to the Computer History Museum ]=-

      Directions to the Computer History Museum have been posted here:


      -=[ Special Events: Retro-Code and Book Sale ]=-

      Remember our special events!

      Take the Retro-Code Video Game Programming Challenge!

      Can you program a video game in three hours? Prove it! Bring your
      best programming chops and a teammate or two to thrash out the best
      video game in three hours. Choose between an Apple //e, an Atari
      or a Commodore 64. Study your reference manuals and programming
      guides, because all you'll be able to bring is your creativity.
      provide the computers, the DOS, and the manuals, and you give us a
      game. Three hours. Can you do it? DO YOU DARE?

      Remember, you gotta be there at 2:15pm to register. Teams will be
      chosen and the competition will commence at 2:30pm. More details at:


      The Computer History Museum is holding a book sale on the Saturday of
      VCF 6.0 featuring thousands of books. The sale opens to the public
      2:00pm but Museum members will be admitted a half hour earlier at
      1:30p. Want to get first dibs? Become a Computer History Museum
      member! More information is available here:


      -=[ DigiBarn Excursion Details ]=-

      An excursion to the DigiBarn headed-up by Bruce Damer will disembark
      from the Computer History Museum at 3:00pm on Sunday, October 12.
      Those who will want to visit the DigiBarn should attend Bruce Damer's
      talk on the same day at 1:00pm where he will have further details.

      Due to the limited parking at the DigiBarn, ride-sharing will be
      mandatory, and only a limited number of people will be able to go,
      so be at Bruce's talk at 1:00pm on Sunday, October 12, to sign up.

      -=[ VCF 6.0 BBS ]=-

      Take advantage of the VCF 6.0 BBS! Use it to communicate with other
      VCF 6.0 attendees to discuss the upcoming event, arrange trades, or
      form carpools.


      -=[ Ride-share to the VCF ]=-

      For those of you wanting to ride-share to VCF 6.0, you can arrange a
      carpool with the help of the VCF 6.0 BBS. We have a message base
      specifically for the purpose of hooking up with other VCF 6.0
      attendees. You can access it here:


      -=[ Miscellaneous ]=-

      There's still time (just barely) to register to exhibit at VCF 6.0:


      And we've got some room left in the Marketplace, though we're almost
      full. Sign up soon!


      Complete information is available on the VCF 6.0 website:


      I'll see you at VCF 6.0!

      Best regards,

      Sellam Ismail
      Vintage Computer Festival
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