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237[Tomy Tutor ] Re: Game ROMs

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  • Ian Gledhill
    Apr 30, 2003
      --- In tomytutor@yahoogroups.com, Cameron Kaiser <spectre@f...> wrote:

      > > That's the important bit - do you WANT to keep improving it? If

      > > then do so. My emulator will never run on a C64 so we're not quite

      > > the same market!


      > That isn't what people are using it for. Most people are running it

      > a Commodore emulator on a PC, so I assume it's merely because there
      is no

      > emulator for Windows (yet).

      Incidentally, it should run on Linux, AmigaOS etc. too with a teensy
      bit of modification, as it's all using SDL..

      > I'm still asking a serious question about continuing to invest time
      in it.

      There can only be one serious answer, though, and that depends on why
      you`re writing it. If you're writing it to replace an emulator, then
      it probably isn`t worthwhile as it`ll take you an age to get the BASIC
      perfect. On the other hand, if you want to make a Tutor compatibile
      BASIC interpreter which perhaps you can expand on at some point, or
      want a fast BASIC interpreter (my emulator is *very* slow at the
      moment) then keep at it.

      At the moment, it's academic, though - you still have the only Tutor
      simulator out there, as I can`t get BASIC to work right yet. GBASIC
      works now, but still lots of crashes in BASIC. I`ll get there though!

      Thing is, why do any of us program these things? I do it because I
      enjoy it.
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