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228Re: Game ROMs

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  • emucompboy
    Apr 28, 2003
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      > Hi again,
      > Still can`t figure out what's wrong with my emulator - having any
      > emucompboy?

      Your emulator worked pretty well, so I tried stealing it (I said I

      So, with what I stole, my emulator now gets to the title screen, but
      the bars on the side don't scroll up. Is that an interrupt thing?

      > In the meantime I've just bought myself 3 games - Car-azy racer,
      > Traffic Jam and LocoMotion.
      > Is there any easy way to get ROM dumps of these? Are they already
      > dumped?

      Someone in the TI group dumped some cartridges, and for a while,
      those were up in the TI group files area. Unfortunately, they were
      arced up in some format which no modern unzipper comprehends :(
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